30 years of mälzer dental: a tradition of innovation
md_wirueberuns_relief_1Mälzer Dental was formed in 1982 by Lothar Mälzer. As a company specialising in synchronisation, articulators and model making, Mälzer Dental rapidly developed into one of the leading suppliers to the dental trade. The ultimate step to becoming an industry leader was finally achieved with the development and distribution of the ADESSOSPLIT® system.
In the early 1990s, Mälzer Dental moved its head office to larger premises in Steinhude am Steinhuder Meer (Hanover). In 1995, the company hired Carsten Althaus as an external sales consultant: by 1998, Mr Althaus had been appointed managing director and today is head of a committed workforce. It is his many years of experience in the dental industry that we have to thank for the continuous product portfolio optimisations and expansions, which enable us to meet the growing demands of the sector.
The launch of new, innovative products on the market and a never-ending interest in investing to fund the continued enhancement of existing products has made Mälzer Dental what it is today. Our loyal client base and our solid reputation in the dental industry have been built by high-quality products and a highly diversified catalogue.
High-quality products at fair prices, made-to-order units and tailor-made customer orders – that's Mälzer Dental!

Made and distributed by Mälzer Dental



NON-ARCON articulator series. Fully compatible with all systems: precise and reliable

A range of high-precision options combined with speed, quality and cost-effective model making



A universal system. Synchronisation without loss of precision: wonderfully simple, perfectly precise.

Variable and high-contrast – ensuring continuous precision and quality during model making


Precise functional diagnostics as the prerequisite for high-quality dental prosthetics

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