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The CORSO4D® system as an interface to biomechanical systems

Articulation without arbitrary facebows using the HoVeSa system. Precise and simple handling that saves time and money.


In detail

The CORSO4D® system does without
an arbitrary facebow
- Simple registration using the 4 cranial planes based on biomechanic/ bioaesthetic principles (Dr Robert Lee)
- Specifications and planning/navigation principles clearer for dentist and dental technician than with standard facebows
- Quick and straightforward handling for the dentist and dental technician
- Basis for cranial-focused 3D spherical model according to Dr R. Slavicek
- High precision with the 1: 1 transfer – only two items of measurement data are transferred, making facebow shipping and encodings unnecessary
- Especially suitable for functional diagnostics (CMD), complex restoration work and dental implants/full sets
- No stress for the patient
- Compatible with analogue and digital (virtual articulator) systems
- Suitable for all commercially-available articulators

In detail
Patient upper jaw position
CORSO4D® bite fork and measurement data. Vertical and sagittal dimensions
Transfer of CORSO4D® data to the artikulator

The CORSO4D® system does without
an arbitrary facebow:

→ Since it not only registers the ACTUAL position but can also provide a reference to the TARGET position
→ Since the simple yet precise handling reduces sources of error during registration and transfer to a minimum
→ Since the stored data are usable at any time without needing to repeat the registration process. The measured values can be used to check and reproduce the model positions at any time.

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