Precise and cost-effective…

A colourful rainbow of precision: The ARTIDISC® counter plate from Mälzer Dental – reusable with no loss of precision.

Benefits In detail A solid foundation to build on
- Replaces the plaster base in the base plate mould
- Available for the following systems: ADESSOSPLIT®, Splitex®, KaVo®
- High-precision impact-resistant plastic adapts without deformation to the base plate
- Ensures uniform quality when mounting the model in the articulator
- Avoids fit problems arising from plaster expansion
- Available in several colours
- Reusable

in detail

Unique arrangement of contact surfaces and integrated debris reservoir
Precise and rapid adaptation to base plate without deformation


Schlagfester Präzisionskunststoff adaptiert verzugsfrei an der Sockelplatte

A solid foundation to build on
The ARTIDISC® counter plate from Mälzer Dental ensures an impressively accurate adaptation to the matching synchronisation system. Indispensable for producing models in the articulator and 100% precise.
The plaster base from the base plate mould is replaced by the ARTIDISC® counter plate, avoiding fit problems arising from plaster expansion. This ensures the reliable release and repositioning of the model for the individual work steps: quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
Quality that lasts: reusable and available in a wide range of colours.

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