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Innovation and precision in perfect harmony with the new DIVARIO® model system. Speed and cost effectiveness when producing high-quality dental prosthetics.

Benefits in detail precision in motion
- Minimal plaster expansion, thanks to inherently stable base and secondary plates, enabling exact replication of real jaw position

- Compatible with plate supports from Giroform®, Zeiser® and dentobase® model systems
- Precise fitting of pins into the base plate
- Quick, simple model production
- Perfect fit for split-cast
- Cost savings achieved by avoiding use of plaster/split-cast base
- Low plaster consumption when manufacturing the dental arch
- Most cost-effective sawn model production on the market

in detail
Plaster dental arch is seated perfectly on the DIVARIO® base plate.
Unique arrangement of contact surfaces and integrated debris reservoir.
Exact bracing of the base plate via half centring ring around the magnets, plus raised supports in the dorsal area against axial stress.
Saves time, since no screw fixings needed. Three machined holes under the metal plate for pin fixing when re-using counter bite models.

precision in motion
Successful dental restoration work all depends on the precision involved in model making. Speed, precision and cost effectiveness are the prominent characteristics of the diVario® model system from Mälzer Dental – and the three most important aspects of contemporary model making.
To ensure dimensional fidelity in model making, the plaster base is replaced with a pouring base/base plate using a plastic material. This avoids the uncontrolled plaster expansion in an existing model, thus creating a 100% accurate starting-point for your work. A minimal quantity of dental arch stone is now all that is needed to manufacture a complete model.

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